Tailored home care packages for children and adults in Staffordshire

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We provide tailored care packages to support children and adults with complex health and social care needs to live safely and comfortably in their own homes with their families, to attend school or college and to access activities which are meaningful and enjoyable for them in the community. We also provide high quality senior care and enablement services to help people to continue to live in their own homes and be as independent as possible.

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Our Services

Complex Care Services

We want children and young adults, however complex their care needs may be, to enjoy the best possible quality of life in their own homes.

Senior Care Services

We all know that there really is no place like home but that sometimes a little help is needed for people to remain safe and to continue to live their life the way they want to.

Our Values

We have embraced the 6C’s as the core values on which our company has been developed and the foundation upon which all our services are delivered.

We maintain a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to best meet the needs of the children and adults in our care and their families. At all times we want the families we work with to feel they are in safe hands. We understand that entrusting the care of your loved one is a huge responsibility that we fully acknowledge and respect. We believe that the need to treat those we are caring for and their families as we and our loved ones would wish to be treated should be paramount in our minds at all times and it is a consistent theme in the training programme we have developed for our staff at every level.

Our complex care team works collaboratively with families, using a case management model, to ensure that their care package is properly coordinated, monitored and managed.

Our senior care team uses a person-centred approach to deliver flexible, responsive care and assistance in accordance with the individual’s identified needs and wishes.

Our People

Our leadership team has a wide range of specialist knowledge with years of combined experience in nursing and social care and a shared enthusiasm for developing an excellent service.

As a small, independent organisation, alongside our professionalism, we have a family ethos. We take a rigorous approach to recruitment and are keen to ensure that we only employ people who share our values and commitment.

Our staff at all levels receive support and training to equip them to meet the needs of the children, adults and families in their care with confidence and we strive to ensure that they feel valued and are proud of the work they do.

Talk to us about your individual care needs
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We want children and young adults, however complex their care needs may be, to enjoy the best possible quality of life in their own homes. We want them to be able to attend school and college, to have social interaction and experiences, and to participate in activities they enjoy and which are meaningful to them. As a starting point, all our staff are trained to understand normal child development so that, wherever possible, they can include opportunities for play and learning and promote development and communication, whilst also ensuring that essential health and care needs are met.

We can deliver care and support from a few hours a week of extra help or respite in the family home to ‘round the clock’ care for children with complex health needs, including nursing care and end of life care. We can also provide support in educational settings or at after-school or community activities where nursing and care staff, who have been expertly trained, are needed to ensure that education and social/leisure activities are able to continue.

In addition to our clinical expertise, we have an excellent training programme for our social care staff to equip them to deliver enabling or befriending services where that is required and we can provide goals-led support for children and young adults who have rehabilitation needs or specific targets and goals that they wish to achieve. This includes specialist transitional planning and support for older children and their families as they approach adulthood.

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